Stop Spraying Us!

The entire planet is under assault from a covert spraying operation, known as geoengineering, solar radiation management or chemtrails. This site is here to educate as many people as possible about the program and let people know what they can do to stop it.





don’t believe in chemtrails?

don’t believe in chemtrails?

selling chemtrails

selling chemtrails


  • I have been concerned for several years now. Sent dvds to my leglislator Lois Capps in Santa Barbara with a letter of my concerns….NO response. I have a physics background and have watched the videos with reputable authorities, even government scientists!! Who indeed approved this? Why is it allowed to happen? Secrecy with NO scientific debate on the matter? Wtf? I am concerned!!

    • You said you sent dvds to your legislator. Maybe he or she is like me, too busy to want to view a dvd. Send them a letter with a couple of good points and maybe you will peak their interest.

      Also, how about complaining to the Attorney General or the U.S. Justice department about the EPA is not doing their job of protecting the environment. You said you have a knowledge about physics. How about law?

      • As long as the spraying program remains covert, I don’t think sending evidence to legislators, petitions and whatnot are the best use of our energy. We should devote that to raising awareness.

    • I just complained to Congressman Sam Farr about this. I am really mad. I can’t get anyone to answer me. I am a registered nurse and I know how deadly this stuff is. This is beyond criminal. We must get louder. If there was any reason to rebel, this is one… God Bless, Jesus saves.

  • I have an Idea- if everything you have done does not work, try this—- In Genesis 11:6 in the KJV – About the Tower of Babel .

    And the Lord said. Behold the people is one, and they all have one language : and this they begin to do: and now nothing will

    be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

    get a bunch of people together and speak all in one accord for the Air plane’s to fall and crash into the Pacific Ocean .

    remember the voice activates the spirit relm , nothing was created with out a voice being spoken. God said-God said-.

    • We should not wish harm on our enemies; that only strengthens the dark side. We can and will win this through love – we also want to save our enemies and their loved ones from this onmicide.

  • Real purpose of chemtrails is to prevent precipitation!!! Knowing this fact plus the side affects will help our fight against weather manipulation and weather control. They use other instruments as well to manipulate the weather.

  • Where are the other comments? This is a very important discussion and only one comment? Don’t tell me this is another red herring…Is this a freemason net?

  • Patrick, I’ve had repeated applications of your advice re. dealing with shills and disinformation. Would there be any way to add that link to this site? Thanks for considering!

  • Hi Patrick,
    I’ve been aware of chemtrails for the past year +. I live in SF and have not seen any trails the past 3-4 weeks, maybe more.
    Are they taking a break? Is it seasonal spraying? Can you confirm?
    My theory is big-pharma is behind this, and the chemicals they spray are giving me ‘allergies’. Several years ago I was tested for my allergies by a dr., and he could not explain why I have allergies because the test results were negative for the 26 common allergens in NorCal. I only started getting allergies in the mid/late 90’s (when I was about 30 years old). Since the break in chemtrail spraying, I have not needed any allergy medication over the past few weeks. Any thoughts on this?

    Keep up the good work.

    • Before I knew about chemtrails, 4 years ago I suddenly came down with an allergy in my eyes. I wore eye contacts for over 25 years so I though it was saline solution or something in a product I was using. I changed everything, soaps, make-up, moisturizers, saline solution and nothing stopped it. I was forced to stop wearing my contacts because after a few hours it felt like something else was in my eye. I would spend a couple of hours trying to rub it out of my eyes, it was like sticky thick goop getting stuck under my eyelid. Then in January 15, 2015 I discovered chemtrails. It was a few months later that I started noticing that on heavy spraying days my eyes would get this sticky goop (allergic reaction) to chemtrails!! I am forced to rub out the goop to clear my vision as well. It also affects my nose membranes either I will fill a slight burning or while I’m asleep my nose becomes very dry and stuffy! My problem is chemtrails. I live in Hawthorne, Southern California about 6 or so miles from the coast

  • I appreciate the efforts of everyone who is trying to stop these deadly weather manipulation programs. I too came to the same conclusion that raising awareness is at the moment the best use of our energy. I also got nowhere talking to congressional aides ect.

  • Until January 2016 I lived in Corte Madera for 6 years slightly up Mt Tam and had a view from Novato’s hills across the East Bay and over Tiburon. The non stop chem trails in the early morning crisscrossing the bay by small aircraft not commercial planes was blatant. Anyone who refuses to recognize at least the fact that the aircraft are not commercial planes in origin and return over the area over and over again must be Trump and GOP supporters. Thanks for the work you are doing and God Bless the Irish.

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