The theme for today (8-16-16) was wispy crap, from a particulate laden pink chemrise, an afternoon full of wispy unnaturally shaped clouds to an orange sunset thick with even more particulates. Visibility sucked.

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  • thank you for video . i have been talking about this for a long time. the color effects is from what ever chemical or additive that was put in the base aluminum particulate. green and yellow is mostly barium. red and pink is stronium and lithium. a lot of pink is magnesium. and a rainbow color is all of the additives. of course there are other additives but these are the main ones that produce the refracted light colors. here in oklahoma we are getting a lot of lithium and stronium. also i have watched as the nite spraying gets more intense. local weather reports , ( oh look at this beautiful sunrise or sunset.) when i mention the colored sunsets or sunrise to my family and friends as not real it is chemicals they laugh and say you are crazy it has always been like this . i am 66 years old and my siblings 3 to 4 years younger. but they do not remember the sky like i do ? and this is the majority of the human race that see the sky like this.( it has always been this way. )

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