We only have a few short days to submit comments and evidence to the EPA on their plan to regulate aircraft emissions. The deadline’s this coming Monday, August 31st at midnight eastern time.
Since the spraying creates artificial cloud cover and water is the planet’s most potent greenhouse gas, they have to address it, as well as the documented – and devastating – human health impacts.

The proposal only applies to commercial aircraft, so no need to mention military involvement.

Use your own voice, don’t just copy and paste.

As of yesterday, they had received more than 22,000 comments. Let’s try to double that number by Monday.

Here’s the testimony I delivered and here’s the paper I brought to the Paris Climate Conference.

Let your voice be heard. It’s the best chance we’ve ever had.


EDIT – Commenting below won’t get your message to the EPA. You need to use this link. 


  • Please stop allowing this reckless Geo Engineering program to continue! It’s poisoning the people and the planet, we are surely propelling ourselves into extinction if we continue, there are better ways. Please protect the people from this!

  • I have personally seen the changes to our skies. These are not normal contrails. They spread out across the sky after jet liners pass overhead. These lines block out the sun within a hour or two.

  • EPA: manipulation of the weather by HAARP and geoengineering programs must stop! You have countless photos available showing ugly and toxic chemtrails being sprayed by planes over much of the United States and the world. You have evidence in the form of air samples. Bees, ocean life, birds, and trees are dying! How are humans and animals affected? Nature has evolved over billions of years. Tampering with natural forces in extreme ways will have repercussions that threaten this planet and our continued existence. Protect, nurture, respect.

  • Please stop lying to the people about this spraying . It’s poison. Do not spray anything on me. Stop taking money from companies for spraying.

  • Climate is being droughted by the constant geoengineering of our atmosphere! All of our lives and anything that reproduces, or pollinates is purposely being destroyed for corporate gain! Stop this aerosol program now!

  • The comments I left at regulations.gov:

    The emissions from aircraft should be monitored, tested, and regulated, and any substances that damage the health of people and the environment that are being emitted from aircraft, beyond the normal products of jet fuel combustion, should not be in our skies.

    Based on scientific data, my own eyesight and common sense, and the way I feel sometimes hours after the sky above has been saturated with persistent “contrails”, I believe the substances in the aerosols that are obviously being purposely dispersed into our atmosphere are unhealthy and are damaging our environment and our health.

    I am sick of seeing the ugly, persistent “contrails” that I never saw before a decade or two ago, and that spread out and turn otherwise clear, sunny days into cloudy ones. Regardless of whether it’s being done with good intentions or not, by people who think they are “saving the planet” by combating global warming, it’s unnatural and should not be happening.

    If it is being done solely to counteract global warming, and if the aluminum and barium reflect sunlight back into space, they also must reflect sunlight that enters the atmosphere at indirect angles, towards earth at more direct angles, thus counteracting the intended results. Plus the manufactured cloud cover traps heat at night. The entire idea is ludicrous.

    It should also be noted that this geoengineering operation is likely the cause of extreme weather. The extreme drought in the west and record rainfall in the east could be caused by this travesty. These aerosols could very well be causing climate change, not restricting it.

    These aircraft emissions are surely contaminating our atmosphere, and are likely contaminating soil, water and crops, and causing or contributing to illnesses and deaths.

    Do your job and do something about this. Your own health, that of your children and grandchildren, and every other person, as well as our environment, depends on it.

  • Please stop destroying the only planet we have to live on. This is our home. Please stop with the mass weather modifaction. With scientific evidence, being an eye witness to it daily, we know these aren’t simply “contrails”. Everyday I see more and more trees dying, report of birds and bees dying. Think of your grandchildren, their children. You want them living in a chaotic world where we can’t breathe then air, the water is too toxic to drink. Please stop this madness.

  • What has happened to the skies in the United States due to geoengineering is a travesty and criminal. The public has been deceived and continues to be deceived about what is happening. The people have a right to have a voice about what is sprayed in the air, contaminating our breath and bodies. We have not been asked and it is not acceptable. The perpetrators of these acts should be incarcerated. The earth and human life is getting damaged by these particulates that fall on us daily. This must stop.

  • Please, take an actions. Look at the sky yourself! It is no longer conspiracy. There are plenty of documents to take to court, it is crime agains of humanity. It’s not us, who are crying for help, it’s everything alive. It is road to misery and painful death of us, our children, our state, our country and our planet. Nothing else matter.



  • The spraying must end! We know your spraying us with POISEN! Your not cooling the planet! Your wrapping the planet in a thick layer creating more warmth! Your shredding the ozone layer! This must end we are on to you!

  • As a living human being upon this planet I demand that you stop the spread of this monstrosity which has contributed to greatly towards the demise of our ecosystem. Ethically, logically and emotionally you should know that this is wrong to do and I ask that you delve deeply into your heart and ask yourselves how evil this really is.

  • yoi don’t need any smart ass comments about how this pollution is effecting our planet. You know it is but by bending the rules and using your lobbing power you take it from us, for a profit. It’s hard to see it I know but money isn’t going to solve this, it takes more than that it takes initiative. This isn’t about is think of the bees, of the flowers, of our entire livelihood. Come what may you’ll do what you have to do but will we. The EPA is not without fault and your tyrannical abuse of power can not change our finite resources.

  • You have allowed our blue skies to be destroyed. What human on earth would allow that to happen for future generations? Stop them interfering with our planet…. it’s doing more harm than good. Do your job and stop the spraying before it’s too late!!!

  • You have allowed our blue skies to be destroyed. What human on earth would allow that to happen for future generations? Stop them interfering with our planet as it’s doing more harm than good. Do your job and stop the spraying before it’s too late!

  • Your job is to protect the environment!
    Time to start thinking for yourself. This is genocide. You and your families will also die.

  • Stop it. We did not ask for this, you are acting without the consent of people. This is OUR planet, not YOUR planet. Enough with the mad scientists and chemicals. Stop it and stop it now, you are poisoning us and our earth, you have no right.

    If you had been responsible with earth’s delicate ecology, vigilant and caring about it’s preservation to begin with none of this would have been so-called necessary. This happened over giving into profits over people and this wanton irresponsible harm being done to our world has to stop.

      • I was wondering what the current status is w/re to the legal component….ie: the anti-geo-engineering movement. I’m just now beginning to read up & educating myself on this topic as our skies over the last several weeks have consistently been bombarded w/these chemicals. This issue needs to be made part of the news cycle….the media (especially those who call themselves meteorologists) wont be able to avoid or ignore the topic if we all begin to consistently speak up….ask the questions….bombard them w/the questions just as much as we the general public continue to be bombarded from above….this is what I plan to do moving forward. I’ll send off emails, tweets, facebook messages…..all sorts of communications on a weekly basis until all the usual outlets begin to address the topic while demanding answers & of course most importantly, action!!! On that note….is there a place we can go to stay current w/re to the latest legal updates?

        Thanks Patrick for all that you & others have been doing w/re to raising much needed awareness.

  • I have friends who deal with Heath issues and I work with the elderly and have my own health issues. I document daily spraying, coming from commercial, private and MILITARY aircraft over the Coachella valley. Since the up turn in frequency of this air traffic, many of my people (mentioned above) are experiencing increased respiratory, mental and vision problems. Middle aged people are suffering memory and cognitive problems, dying from Alzheimer’s, associated with Floride and aluminum. Young people are dying from seizures and lung problems associated with air quality. Drug addiction has gone rampant because of the mind-numbing effects of certain chemicals being sprayed.

    I revoke any implied consent to spray chemical compounds or even so-called natural elliments in MY air. I revoke any implied consent to manipulate or alter my weather or atmosphere. I revoke any implied consent to contaminate my water supply, soil, crops or property. In revoking my consent, any further spaying is in violation of my constitutional rights. I WILL add my name to any Law suits against the U.S.federal Government, EPA, AQMD, FDA, DOD and or any parties involved in the manufacturing, distribution and aviation of/on these mission/projects.

  • I live in Brooklyn NY its a Residential area with 3 international airports Thousands of airplanes burn jet fuel 24/7 none stop and the pollution from gasoline smoke is so thick the tv call it partly cloudy .I dont want those fire Hazards flying over my house the noice pollution is driving me nuts i cant sleep at night because of this crap also some government airplanes are spraying fake clouds that also need to be investigated

  • STOP SPRAYING US!!! We are not stupid.. we know you are spraying us and the planet we inhabit with poisons. . You have no respect for life as all you do is poison the air we breath & the water we drink! We don’t want you to do this in fact we don’t want you at all!!!!

  • I live in the UK and the chemtrailing here is rampant and has been since I first began noticing in 2009. It is getting worse. We have hardly had a summer. In this month of August we have seen hardly any sun and we are having to wear warm clothing. I have read lists of the poisons being sprayed over the planet, apart from aluminum, barium and strontium there are also traces of arsenic, mercury and even uranium. The were many other ingredients with the latest one, coal chaff.

    Are you deliberately making us sick? Alzheimer’s disease has gone through the roof, even the bees are said to have dementia and are dying in droves and we sorely need them! Trees are dying and it is destroying the habitats of wildlife. It’s in the water and the soil, the very air we breathe. Our life giver, the sun, our salvation, is being blocked, robbing us of vital vitamin D, affecting our mood and well being. I long to see real blue skies again with real fluffy clouds. Stop playing god with what should be our God given right.

    As for climate change, we are not stupid we know that geo engineering is causing mayhem with the weather and jet stream with a lethal hand from haarp. Destroying farmers, cities and towns with hurricane’s, earthquakes, floods and landslides around the world. This is forced tyranny and all in secrecy and without our permission!

    HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO US! What is wrong with you people? What about your families? Don’t you care about them?

    Please, be true human beings. Do the right thing and stop the spraying before its too late. Our children do not deserve this nor everything else that lives on this planet.

  • Jail the ones asap who are responscible for killing the complete plant with chemtrails!.

    There is no planet B.

  • Please stop the toxic experiment on humans and all life via geoengineering. I watch and document almost everyday the constant spraying of our once beautiful blue skies with heavy metal particulates above my head. I am fighting cancer and wonder how can I beat it when you are poisoning me and there is no way to avoid it. Please help! Please stop!

  • The effects from your spraying is killing trees, tainting our lakes and rivers and oceans, creating allergies, killing plants and bugs and the list of negatives continue to mount. Please stop before it’s too late and we can’t reverse the effects anymore.

  • I can’t really add any more than what the other people have said in the previous comments. Just be advised that people are finally seeing what is happening and making the connection between what’s being sprayed on is and what is happening on the ground. I demand that something be done immediately to stop this recklessnes while we may still have a chance.

  • I also live in the UK and we have had the worst summer yet, for years it has been getting worse. My friends and family are suffer from chronic illnesses due to the fall out of these chemical’s / toxins, I have filmed the planes spraying which can be found on my web address, If you have children and grandchildren, please just think of them, their future’s health and well being is in your hands. I do not consent to be sprayed on like a bug where ever I go in the world.

  • I have been involved with the aerosol sprayings for 5 years now and its only getting worse.My young granddaughter
    sent a poster she made to the President with her own petition to stopped polluting our skies. I am a nurse and have seen an increase in asthma and respiratory illnesses, and general feelings of anxiety and depression among young people….PLEASE…we need to stop this spraying of humanity and all the creatures and trees that are on this planet….its the only home we have!!!

    Phyllis Rapone Minutelli, LPN

  • I have personally seen these numerous changes to what once was our beautiful blue skies as our Creator intended. . These are not normal contrails. They spread out across the sky after jet liners pass overhead. These lines block out the sun within a hour or two. And that locks out Vitamin D3, much needed by our bodies- yours too. “Mother Nature” created nature to be pretty near perfect for our survival. Stop playing God! What the EPA is doing is killing people, killing our planet. Just STOP!

  • Climate change cannot be scientifically proven. It can be proven by lab results that most of the world is being sprayed by zealots who think they can change the climate. What they are doing is raining down on us and the earth aluminum, barium, strontium and some other poisons which as nano partiicles permeate our skin, brain and bodies to cause sickness and disease. These particles are being absorbed by the plants, trees and soils. The flammable particles when absorbed by the trees make them highly flammable. That’s why we have some many destructively hot forest fires, These particles fall into our water sources where we are drinking them in and the plants we eat are absorbing these poisons. It also kills the plants and shrubs very early when they absorb these particles.
    Human beings are being systematically poisoned in the name of population control bv these madmen and madwomen whose thirst for power is ruining our planet, our people and our skies. We no longer have normal bright blue skies, rain clouds, and sunsets. These poisons are also killing the life in our seas. It must be recognized for what it is and bring
    this push toward globalization and these illegal actions to a halt. HAARP program is part of the same junk science that is
    breaking through our ozone layer and causing the atmosphere to be so thin that people, animals, plants and trees are getting burned by the hotter sun’s rays. It wasn’t this when I was growing in the 50’s. People are not gods and they have no right to do this to the populations. Stop this insanity of climate change. It’s a cover up for insidious plans to rid the U.S. of it’s population as part of Agenda 21.

  • Please stop this. We used to be able to see clear blue skies and eat food that wasn’t contaminated. Now the skies are poisoned as is our food and our people. This is not the way forward and can only result in disaster.

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