There’s a concerted effort to reach international agreement on geoengineering “research” and include it in the UN’s Climate Conference declaration in December. The National Academy of Sciences has already endorsed it . We don’t want world leaders to do likewise.

Our last chance to stop this will also be in Paris this July, at the final major climate conference before COP21, “Our Common Future Under Climate Change.

It’s the last “major opportunity for scientists, stakeholders and the larger public, to … prepare for an ambitious post 2015 climate governance regime …  the question has shifted from reasons for action to the form action has to take.”

Those “actions” will include legitimizing geoengineering – unless we stop them.

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I’m Patrick Roddie, a San Francisco based chemtrails/geoengineering activist and researcher with a background in physics, journalism and photography . I’ve been documenting and fighting this murderous program for years and I need your help to get me to the Paris Climate Conference and help derail plans to legalize it.

I’m scientifically literate and not afraid to confront geoengineering front men like Ken Caldeira. You may have seen my video when I challenged him three times on his discussions to “put pathogens in the clouds” at a Government weapons lab.

I’m also bringing a paper to the conference; “Human Health Impacts of Proposed Geoengineering Solutions” which I intend to get into the hands of hundreds of scientists and policy makers unaware of the documented and devastating health effects of the nano-particulate aluminum and barium we’re being sprayed with daily. Respiratory failure recently overtook stroke to be the third leading cause of death , for example.

I’ll be joined by fellow activists, Max Bliss , Alexandra May HunterOlga RaffaTerry Lawton and others.

Paris Climate Conference

Your support will cover the substantial costs of travel, conference registration, accommodation, printing and more.  Paris in July isn’t cheap.

Alternatively, to avoid the GoFundMe deduction (about 8%) you can mail checks, money orders or cash wrapped in aluminum foil to:

Patrick Roddie
1935 Franklin Street #603
San Francisco, CA 94109-3466

(You can also help fund my chemtrail activism for free by telling brides to be about my photography. I’m one of the best photographers I know (of course I’m biased), and travel worldwide for destination weddings.)

Let’s win this thing!

Patrick Roddie
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    Please, everybody in any position to contribute, please do!
    This is an important cause which affects Everybody.
    Thank you all for your help to make our vision of clear skies, pure earth and crystalline waters, safe-to-eat produce, and fewer engineered droughts a reality!

  • to whom it may concern why i felt the

    need to begin as such as it should be

    every man woman and child on earths

    concern yet sadly it is not as i look

    out the door on this depressing day at

    the 6 planes cancelling out the blue

    sky by the way the San Francisco bay

    area has been under full scale attack

    day AND NIGHT for nearly a month now

    we’ve seen every possible variation on

    the list even blue clouds pouring down

    on our head glowing spheres ejected

    from planes that burst and turn into

    clouds nearly everyone i know has been

    complaining of migraine headaches

    exhaustion an overall loss of clarity

    of thought despite incurring these

    symptoms myself i have become awake in

    recent months to all the cold hearted

    evil for lack of a better term that is

    and has been going on on this planet

    and find my self drawing a grim

    inescapable conclusion we are all

    being chemically lobotomized dumbed

    down the lazy cowards in control know

    the only way to see there wicked new world order

    fantasy com to be is to eliminate most

    of us and the few remaining will be

    pathetic drones easy to control living

    strictly to do the dirty work why else

    would they have on average 3 to 4

    planes going full blast all night if

    you think about it the one common

    thread to it all IE.the fluoride the

    food additives the aluminum they all

    destroy the brains higher functions

    our souls if you will i beg all of

    humanity the only way to save your

    selves your children is to drastically

    change your way of thinking because

    the truth is this has been made your

    way of thinking on purpose from birth

    i realize it is typical human behavior

    to lie low unnoticed and hope bad

    things will pass i have bad news the

    spraying will never stop until we are

    all dead as that is its purpose a

    slow unnoticed genocide if you don’t

    believe me read your history the

    pursuit of power has led man to

    horrible atrocities throughout history

    we must wake up unite and soon talk to

    your neighbors i bet most of you don’t

    even know their names sheer numbers

    can not be defeated think of Normandy

    they did eventually prevail at great

    cost in this case the stakes are the

    end of all life on earth freedom is

    never free only those who earned it

    shall know her blessings it is time to

    open your eyes look up look around its

    all disgusting realize we let it get

    this it is not to late way no one

    human is insignificant we are all

    needed we all have purpose think not

    of what another will think of you it

    has been said by a wise man ( i am the

    one who has to die when it is time to

    die so let me live my life the way i

    want to) look into your memory’s your

    souls you know that once you were

    stronger more aware more alive age is

    not why you feel as you do weak tired

    no clarity to our thoughts this is

    what has been stolen from us all we

    all deserve to live unite and fight if

    we do nothing hide in our houses

    afraid worried what others will think

    it is not your actions that cause

    others to think low of independent

    thoughts and different opinions it is

    that they and you have all been

    trained to feel this way from day one

    when you were planted in front of that

    god dammed tv and began your

    indoctrination just after having the

    first attack on your ability to think

    from the mercury in vaccines for

    many others more mercury from amalgam

    fillings the health effects known to

    cause great harm to humans a life time

    of fluoride in your water proven to

    wreak havoc on the mind and body but

    they did it anyway along with a

    million other assaults to our health

    and our minds potential. do you not

    feel any thing about this crime that

    has been committed against you and

    your family for generations. i assure

    you many are beginning to realize who

    is behind all this disgusting evil.and

    they are pissed! you are not alone

    surely with your last breath as you

    slip away would you not feel some

    comfort knowing that you did all you

    could do as a human to live the best

    live you could and leave some hope in

    the hearts of your children. your

    species! a final plea to all of

    you do some research the cold hard

    facts are out there i am begging you in

    the name of all life on the planet

    wake up!!!!!! or the undeniable fact

    is none of us will see 2016

    signed….. one that can see

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