Out next educational outreach will be outside San Francisco Ferry Building, Saturday October 10th, from 10am to 3pm. Please bring any fliers, DVDs, whatever and help spread the word about this massive crime



  • I’ve been actively following the GMO free movement but was only vaguely aware of the chemtrail situation until a friend recently brought it to my attention and from what I’ve been reading it’s a very serious concern. I’m wondering if this group is working on introducing any bills in the California congress and if so how I can help? Thanks.

  • Love this pic. Oh the dichotomy. Sports override the ability to breath fresh air. Yep. That’s about right. Yay News media.

    It’s so interesting to me. What sets people off? What jolt do people require to finally “see”? This blatant, in-your-face crime is so obvious and few see it. I do NOT understand it. I know they’ve dumbed us down with vaccines, fluoride, EMF’s, etc. but there has to be something more.

  • Love this pic. Appreciate the dichotomy.

    What jolt will the masses require to finally see this in-your-face blatant crime?

    Keep on keepin’ on.

  • Article yesterday on Yahoo News online telling East Coast folks of the beautiful sky colors they would notice at sunset..compliments of a “wind current” study, which would release amts. of Strontium and Barium in the sky before sunset. NASA was named as a participant and the heat shielding effects of this release would be another part of the “study”! People were advised not to worry about the effects of these chemicals because it was less radiation than other routine exposures to light bulbs or some such common item. Can you believe it, they’re going public with this criminal behavior and thinking the use of mesmerizing colors will make the public accept it??!! Wait until holograms get perfected..it will be angels and the Second Coming, along with our daily dose of weather engineering!! People..we HAVE to show up at these events and get out in the street en mass before our future is gone!

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