Time lapses are an excellent way to document the massive chemtrail/geoengineering/spraying program happening in all our skies worldwide. The more people who do them, the more sky we cover, the quicker we can build our case to stop this crime. I’ve been asked to explain how I make mine, so here’s a tutorial.

There are plenty of cameras – and phones – capable of recording time lapses, but the one I use is a Canon Vixia Mini.

Here are the links to the free software I use to make the time lapses: Rename and Time Lapse Assembler.

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  • I live in Solano County and just recently started noticing these persistent non- despersing contrails.Very odd ? I began an investigation in an attempt to educate myself on this phenomenon.and stumbled upon papers written from U.C.Davis and U.C. Berkeley on the the topic of the ethics and legality of Geoegineering? What I found led me to investigate further Atmospheric engineering,cloud whitening & ocean fertilization.
    What I’ve discovered is we started this process of putting chemicals into the stratosphere back in 2009-2010 .The best guess is Aluminum Oxide,Strotium,thorium & Barium .All toxic to ALL LIFE on the planet.
    There is a paper written ,” Planet On Fire ” that describes that once we started this we could not possibly depart ,from the practice.” We may have ,maybe two weeks two months before we started to record temperatures that may no longer be able to sustain any life “.
    The time for action is now .

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