The remains of overnight spraying made the San Francisco skies look like the backdrop of a bad 50’s Sci-Fi movie. Nasty.


  • i was at an event at a Japanese retirement community in San Jose a couple of years ago and i met an older man who told me he had worked for the navy as an engineer most of his life and at that moment we were out side the front door and i noticed a freshly sprayed chem trail coming out of a jet and I asked him what he knew about chemtrails and he replied whats a chemtrail?
    i pointed up to the white jet spay in the sky and without hesitation
    “you mean the vapor for weather control?”
    “Vapor? ”
    “Yes we’ve been spraying vapor for weather control for a long time we first started spaying it from the ground” //
    …. chem-trails aren’t real …..right
    ive been feeling this for a long time the skys are filthy soon to be china skys everywhere

  • I live in south eastern Michigan it is a chemhell Omgsh criminal chem nightmare state. I document everyday and 2016 is a total nightmare. We have had 4 flipping days of no checkout of our sky. How do people not see it ???? Total white milky mess (David freek Keith I sent him nasty emails). They are stealing our sunshine and there are fewer and fewer blue sky’s. When we in chemicigan see sun it’s a hope on my part to see no chemhell lies and guess what ZERO ASSPLANS FLYING all flipping day. People look up and stay up it takes a few to see evil.

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