I addressed a rally outside the California State Capitol in Sacramento, demanding that Gov. Jerry Brown do his his job and address the relentless spraying the state suffers every day.


    WE’RE BEHIND YOU DOING WHAT WE CAN TOO, because this stuff is disgusting and those so-called powers that be will sure not have a good place in history allowing this (or ACTING like they don’t know about it)

  • Thank you , for your excellent presentation.My name is William,I grew up in San Francisco/
    Marin county Ca.I now live in Auburn,Ca.
    I have been a chemtrail activist, for many years!.I have talked with thousands of people in
    Northren Ca.I call this “The worst environmental disaster in world history”
    I remember going to wonderful summer camps, in Northren Ca. looking at beautiful,
    azure blue skies!.All gone!
    Their is a old religious saying,”Man will destroy Man”
    Well we have at this point , done just that.

  • Way to go! It’s January, 2016. Are you organizing or do you know of any upcoming public awareness marches or events we can add our numbers to?

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