As news of our confrontation spreads, the excellent Alan Watt discussed Caldeira and geoengineering on his May 16th Cutting Through the Matrix broadcast.

Listen here:-

More coverage at,, One World Chronicle, Before It’s News, OilfreeFun and Intellihub.

We also exchanged Tweets:

Tweet exchange with @KenCaldiera

The above video shows our first encounter.

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  • I live in the Chicago area. Same crap here, spraying the skies over the city, all the time. People over 40 are all getting dementia. Then others steal their assets, burn their houses to cover up, chemotherapize them until their last breath. It’s all about the buck. All on individual basis, so nobody cares unless it happens to you. As a caregiver, I see it all the time. Also, people who use Roundup, and other bug sprays are poisoning themselves to death by killing their nervous system in their brains. Keep up the great work. Please let me know if you have any protesting groups in this area. Thanks!!!

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