Huge rise in respiratory failure deaths

April 9, 2016By Patrick Roddienews 4 Comments

I’ve mentioned the massive leap in deaths from respiratory failure in recent years, so I thought it prudent to post links for posterity. First off, Scotland saw an unprecedented 13.8% rise in deaths from respiratory failure between 2014 and 2015. (Source: National Records of Scotland) This rise comes at a time when smoking was is … Read More

Question for Ken Caldeira

February 26, 2016By Patrick Roddienews, video 1 Comment

After geoengineer Ken Caldeira’s keynote speech at the UC Santa Cruz Climate Science & Policy conference (February 26th, 2016), I asked him why he didn’t discuss geoengineering. He refused to answer – or address the health impacts paper I gave him at the July 2015 Paris Climate Conference. And here’s his full keynote:-

URGENT – EPA deadline on Monday August 31st

August 27, 2015By Patrick Roddienews 57 Comments

We only have a few short days to submit comments and evidence to the EPA on their plan to regulate aircraft emissions. The deadline’s this coming Monday, August 31st at midnight eastern time. Since the spraying creates artificial cloud cover and water is the planet’s most potent greenhouse gas, they have to address it, as … Read More

An Incredible Week

August 25, 2015By Patrick Roddiecommentary, news, video 10 Comments

What a week that was. It started with my EPA testimony being picked up by Activist Post, Global Research, David Icke, and many more outlets. It’s been translated into Czech, Italian, French – and who knows what else. As of today, it’s gotten 14,382 YouTube views, not counting other channels that reposted it. The timing … Read More

SF Weekly

August 24, 2015By Patrick Roddieinterview, news 2 Comments

I’m extremely grateful that San Francisco’s SF Weekly had the courage to publish a cover story on chemtrails this week. As far as I know, this is the very first time a mainstream publication has discussed both sides of the issue without dismissing it as just some wacky conspiracy theory. Kudos to the paper and … Read More

Paris Report

August 24, 2015By Patrick Roddienews, video 1 Comment

Apologies for taking so long to fill you in on the Paris conference – things have been really picking up steam since you last heard from me. First of all, we nailed it – and I couldn’t have done it without your generous help. I thank you deeply for helping drive a stake into the … Read More

“In Other News” with Geoff Brady

August 14, 2015By Patrick Roddieinterview, news No Comments

On the day before I flew out to testify at the EPA, I was interviewed by Geoff Brady, the Pacifica Radio journalist who caught Ken Caldeira admitting he discussed “putting pathogens in a cloud to do chemical and germ warfare” at a meeting in a government weapons lab. It was broadcast over the air on … Read More

EPA testimony on aircraft pollution

August 11, 2015By Patrick Roddienews, speech, video 19 Comments

“Your mandate is to protect the environment, especially the air we breathe. I wouldn’t expect you to admit the existence of a program as covert as the Manhattan Project – even one blatantly obvious to an increasingly aware and outraged populace – but when a geoengineering program is causing millions of premature deaths a year you must do more than pass the buck back and forth between other three letter agencies.

Do your job. History will judge you on your actions – and inaction.”

Interview on the Collective Consciousness Show

May 29, 2015By Patrick Roddieinterview, news 1 Comment

I was honored to be a guest on American Underground Network‘s Collective Consciousness show last night, talking for hours about the spraying program and our hopes to derail international agreement on geoengineering research at the Paris Climate Conference in July. Click the “play” button below to listen. You can hear the entire interview here. I … Read More